The art of making still images come to life and onto big screens

It starts with an illustration

We first consult with you on the way you would like your idea to be approached. Next, our creative artists draft your idea. When the draft is done, we verify it together with you if the drawing is to your liking. And upon confirmation, we then have it animated.


Movements through Keyframes and motion graphic

Once we have all the illustrations done, we may then begin with the animation. Depending on the animation service requested, we would apply either a frame by frame 2D animation, or a motion graphic, all done using a series of techniques such as onion-skinning, morphing, tweening and transitioning.

Animated using Animate, Premier and After Effects

With more than 10 years of experience with these software, we assure our customers that our animation services are of high quality standard.

Music and Sound Effects

Reduxion also plans the music and sound effects that goes into your animation. We add sounds that correspond to the animation which enhances the animation experience.

For Weddings, Games, Trailers, Shorts, Films and more

Other than our highlights, we too provide 2D animation for corporate logos, business presentations, E-learning courses, product demos, website banners, website ads, and simulations.
We adhere to TV quality play back specifications and outputs the final animation into popular video formats.


Frames per Second


1920 width x 1080 height


Media Player




Phase Alternating Line

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