Web Application

Manage your company’s data via a web system be it offline or online.

Web development for all kinds of Business

Reduxion provides custom solution for all kinds of business. We develop easy-to-use systems with user friendly interface. Forget about using existing systems that has multiple features that just confuses you or your data managers. Choose a custom system and have it work your way.



Data registry





Social Network

Custom solution by you, for you

Only you understands your business well and how the operation is within your company. That is why you decide on how you would want to manage your data for your business. Together with our experts, we forge a system that is truly yours.



User management

Task management

Cart system

Payment system

Developed using open source languages

We use PHP as our primary language to develop the backend system. While we use MySql as our database management system. For frontend we utilize the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 language to structure and beautify the user’s interface. And finally JavaScript to process all necessary scripting functions.

Documentation and guides

You may know your system well, but does your data managers know them too? In order to get your staffs ready for your system, we prepare documentations and user guides to help them quickly get on boat.


step by step

PDF format


Deployment either on premise or in the cloud

Choose to save your data be it locally within your own server located within your premise, or in the cloud by a 3rd party hosting service provider.


Store your data on premise, on a physical server located within your company. Have it accessible only within your company and protected from external connections.


Store your data up into the cloud, or any server accessible online. Leave the server management to the cloud service provider. Manage only what is important.

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